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What is artentic and who is Artur Vogt?

What on Earth is artentic?

Artentic is something original, something different, something unique. There is plenty of photos out there, no doubt about that. Some are better, some are worse. We are pretty much all equipped with cameras in our phones so it’s not hard to find photos of beautiful places or landmarks. It's a little bit harder to artentic photography make these landmarks look different to all the photos that's already been taken. That's what artentic is all about!

The vast majority of my photos belong to the HDR category. It’s a technique where you take 3 or more photos of different exposure and merge them together into a single image. HDR stands for High Dynamic Range, and by using this method I am able to extract details from both shadows and highlights. After merging the photos I do quite a lot of post processing to make them look special.

HDR photos have their advantages, yet the process of creating them often introduces few flaws that have to be corrected. Also, there are areas of photos that surely do look great as HDR, but there are other bits that may look better on the original photos. These have to be combined together for a blasting final effect!

The process of creating each photo is different, there are no rules or defined steps to follow. It's also quite a time consuming task involving the use of numerous HDR and photo editing applications. Additionally, I often create few versions of each image and choose the one that best reflects the ideas I had. To sum things up - it's not simplest process.

You have to browse my photo galleries if you haven't done so yet, apparently it's well worth it! You can order quality prints as well as great gifts, just choose a photo and everything is done in the checkout. I hope your visit to artentic will be enjoyable and inspirational.

Who the Hell is Artur Vogt?

Right, ok, where do I start? Let me introduce myself briefly. I’m a London based photographer who likes to capture and present the world in his very own way. I have few other talents as well; I’ve been working in marketing for the past few years, as a graphic designer and a web developer before that. I organised several live music events too, so I guess I artentic photography have quite a range of skills & interests.

I have been taking photos for good few years now, but never got around to publish them online until recently. A couple of years ago I worked as a marketing manager for an exhibition space & print lab in London where I had a chance to meet great photographers and see their fantastic work printed and exhibited. I guess this was the time when I started thinking about artentic and decided to show off my work as well! It took me a while to set this whole thing up as I was busy conquering the world, but I did finally make it.

I consider myself a creative person, I do like painting, drawing, sketching, you name it! I enjoy good movies and music – sure thing, don’t we all? I like metal and rock, though I'm open to good music from any genre. I like to travel and explore. Hiking, climbing and sleeping rough – not a problem. Bad weather won’t kill me either. Of course I do love the sun and comfort as well, just to be clear.

Sports wise, I have been skiing ever since I was a little boy. Snowboarding came down the line as well. I do like a good game of tennis, billiard or snooker. Chess is good. I used to love playing role-playing games when I was younger. I love going out and partying. As for dislikes, I’m not the greatest fan of people who walk slowly or those who complain all the time.

Finally made it, that's me - Artur Vogt, all squeezed into 4 paragraphs! Much more could have been said of course, but I think it’s better to keep things short here. If you’d like to know more, add me on Google+ or LinkedIn.

What's To See Here Anyway?

Photos, obviously. You can find below what types of photos I like to take. Pretty much anything really! I must admit, it was a very hard task to come up with a reasonable number of galleries that are distinctive enough for people to navigate around them with a relative ease. Hope I did a good job.

Photos of cities, towns and urban areas around the world. You’ll find here images of buildings, skyscrapers, shops, roads and bridges. Developed concrete jungle in general.

Browse Cityscapes & Urban Photography

Scenic outdoor panoramas and photos of beautiful rural places. The variety includes hills, mountains, rich land areas, countryside, parks as well as seascapes, coast and rivers.

Browse Landscapes & Scenic Panoramas

Photos of landmarks, monuments and distinctive structures. Here you can also see tourist attractions from around the world, both the famous points of interest and the less known sites.

Browse Photos of Landmarks & Monuments

Photos of beautiful natural environment and abundant wildlife. Creations of Mother Earth, environment, plants, snow, fire, wind and sky. Diversity of flowers and fruits.

Browse Nature & Wildlife Photography

Indoor & underground photography, beautiful interiors and closed spaces. Photos taken inside buildings, tunnels and vehicles. Sheltered and covered, surrounded by walls.

Browse Indoor & Underground Photography

Photos of people with character that capture emotions and personality. Portraits and candid snaps. Men and women, children and the elderly. Us, humans, in variety of situations.

Browse Photos of People With Character

Photos of wild and domestic animals of all sorts. From little puppies to giant beasts. Different species of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. Organisms that share the world with us.

Browse Photos of Wild & Domestic Animals

Photos of interesting objects, sculptures, vehicles & obelisks. Objects in focus, items, stuff and things. Subjects of attention. Pretty much anything can be in this category.

Browse Photographs of Objects & Items
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